Thursday, June 30, 2011

Five Hours

Before becoming a mom I took sleeping for granted. Now, a solid 5 hours (in a row!!) seems like absolute heaven. My short term memory is shot, as evidenced by the fact that I seem to forget more than I remember. I've forgotten to bring clothes for Kendra, dates when friends said they were coming over, appointments... Hopefully sleep with help with that :)

I will say that Darian is the calmest baby ever. He literally never cries unless there is a reason - hunger, cold or discomfort. He's quite content to watch the world go around. It is really interesting to watch him; he is so different from Kendra. I don't know if it's because he's a boy, because he was full term or just a different kid, but he is so much more physically advanced than Kendra was at this age. He has a remarkable (to me) amount of head control, and last night he surprised us (and himself) by reaching out and grabbing a toy that was swinging over his head.

It would appear we are starting on another interesting journey :)

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