Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Family of Four = New Wheels

Dan swore he would never own a mini-van, and then we realized what a pain it is to deal with two car seats. The next thing I know we are researching the top ranked family vans and Dan is test driving cars after work.

Last Thursday we ran to the Honda dealer and came home with a 2008 Odyssey mini-van. It is fully loaded with grey leather interior (with heated seats!!), power doors, power lift gate, integrated navigation system, back up camera, DVD/rear entertainment system, sun roof...and other things I'm still figuring out. So far we all really like it.

Dan's parents have been in town this week, so we gave the car a new work out on Friday. We loaded up the rear storage area with a picnic basket and beach toys and headed out to enjoy some sunshine. It was a gorgeous day to be on the beach, and Kendra loved showing off for grandma and grandpa. I loved having space to toss everything (which was also coated in sand) in the back and not worry about it.

We traded in my Escape, and Dan's RX8. Yes, the 8 is gone and we are (essentially) a one car family. We still have the Jeep, but it won't hold an infant seat. We kept it as Dan's toy car since it costs very little in terms of insurance and gas. (We'd have to drive it more than once a month for it to actually use any gas!)

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