Sunday, June 26, 2011

2 Week Check-Up

On Friday Darian had his 2 week check up. He's doing very well! He's gained almost a pound, and weighed 7 pounds on the nose (he was 6lbs, 9oz at birth, and just over 6lbs when we left the hospital).

We also had his kidney ultrasound. The pyelectasis has not resolved, although it is better than it was in utero. I thought his case was mild, but his pediatrician said it was actually measuring at moderate, and she'd like us to see a urologist as a precaution. Darian will also have to have a follow-up ultrasound in about a month.

Kendra is slowly adjusting to not being the only child, although she still acts up more than not. She's a good kid, but I'm pretty sure she's aiming to win the Oscar for a dramatic performance before the age of 3. She spent last night with a friend of ours, and it was a much needed break for us all. Dan got an (almost) uninterrupted night's sleep, I got to sleep in, and Kendra got doted on by our friend's daughters. Everyone was much happier as a result.

I'm mostly tired. I don't handle interrupted sleep well, and I've got a cold. Hopefully we'll all find our balance soon.

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