Sunday, February 7, 2010

Home Improvement 101

Knowing Dan and I, you knew our first (indoor) home renovation wouldn't be too far off. We have decided to re-do our upstairs bathroom with a new floor, new cabinets and fresh paint. We bought the cabinets today! I'm actually pretty excited about this. Our current bathroom doesn't have much in the way of storage, and it's rather bland and boring looking. The cabinets we bought will actually go floor to ceiling. Dan will pick up the tile tomorrow (plain white porcelain), and we've already decided to paint it a pale blue. That just leaves find a new sink, faucet and countertop.

We bought the cabinets from Ikea, and figure the bathroom will be a great test run of how easy they are install and how much we like/dislike them before spending a small fortune on re-doing the kitchen. (We are looking at using the same style of cabinets in the kitchen.) We don't plan on starting the actual demolition of the bathroom until we have the rest of the stuff bought and in the house. We're not in a rush, and this will let us find what we want at the price we want to pay.

Otherwise, things have been quiet. I've had a boute with the flu or something similar. I started feeling bad Friday afternoon, and by that night had a nice fever and felt like I'd been run over by a truck. I'm feeling better, although not quite up to snuff yet.

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