Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jury Duty

I was called for jury duty this week, and spent a good portion of two days sitting around making new friends. I was called to be on two separate trials, but both were going to take about two weeks. With no childcare that posed a real problem, so I was excused for "undue hardship." I was actually disappointed - I think I would have enjoyed being a juror.

I did meet two really nice young women and we are now Facebook friends. Hopefully we can get together for coffee in the next few weeks. We had so much fun talking and going out to lunch together. Leave it to me to make friends doing my civic duty.

In other news, my baby is growing up. Need proof? I am enrolling her in pre-school this year. How did this happen? It seems like just a few short weeks ago she was coming home from the hospital. Out here if a child turns 2 by August 31 they are eligible to enroll in preschool for this coming fall. We are touring two different schools, although both are co-ops. I'm not sure how we'll fit a co-op into our working schedule, but I do think it's important so we'll manage. I'd also like to tour at least one school that isn't a co-op just to compare.

My doggie is also getting old. Mr. Mickey has totally lost his hearing. We'd suspected it was failing for a while, but as of yesterday we are convinced it's totally gone. He didn't react at all when the doorbell rang. Normally a ringing doorbell results in total chaos around here with barking dogs and a running toddler, but now Mickey just lays on his bed. I fear his time with us is growing short :(

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