Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Little Artist

Kendra's new favorite pastime is drawing and painting. In toddler class she gets to use a big easel and paint (or eat the paint) until her heart's content. At home, she has to content herself with an art table. She has lots of construction paper, toddler markers (which are harder to use on walls and carpet), and toddler paint (self-contained and very washable).

She will sit for quite a long time while I'm working, working on her drawings. She's gotten better about not eating the paint too.

For Valentine's Day she even made her Grandma and Grandpa a "Kendra original" to send them.

Because she is prolific, and not overly selective, I take pictures of her art, and throw out the originals. I get to keep a memoir of her talent, and I'm not cluttering up the house with dozens of pieces of paper. It's a win for everyone. :)

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