Monday, February 15, 2010

That's Not a Bellybutton

We've been diligently teaching Kendra the various parts of the body. She's got all the basics down, although her favorites are noses and bellybuttons. Tongues and teeth run close behind.

To see if she really understands what we're teaching her, we've had her point to things on stuffed animals, in books and on our pets.

Tonight Dan was telling her to point to the cat's ears...which she did. Next was the cat's nose - again success! (We have a very patient cat.) When Dan asked her to point to the cat's belly button, well, she did pick something that was a hole. The cat was less than amused at having a tiny finger poke it in the butt hole.

Memo to us - don't ask about bellybuttons on anything other than people.

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