Thursday, February 19, 2009

Continuing On...

Things here are fairly status quo. Kendra is growing and changing so quickly it's amazing. She's not crawling yet (thank goodness!) although she's fairly mobile. She manages to roll around and scoot to get where she's interested in going. Oftentimes it's backwards, though, so more often than not she wedges herself under tables and against the couch.

She also continues to be an extremely good eater (go figure). Since she has no teeth yet, everything is still fairly soft. I have added white rice to her repetoire, as well as Gerber Graduates They look a bit like dry cereal, but they melt in your mouth so there is no choking hazard. She seems to really like them.

Dan and I are good. I finally got my Dyson Animal vacuum for Valentine's Day. Not the most romantic gift, but it's perfect. I LOVE it. It's a little scary how much fur that thing sucks up. I'm pretty sure we could create an entire stuffed Otis out of the amount of fur I vacuum up every day.

They've begun the demolition on dad's house this week. He's been going through the stuff they pull out, but so far they've only found about a wheelbarrow's full of stuff worth keeping - most of it photo albums. He has conceeded he's not rebuilding out there. We've contacted a real estate agent (who's also a friend of mine) to begin the process of looking for someplace to buy. Most likely he'll end up in Ballwin - where his sister lives.

That's all for now...

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