Monday, August 18, 2008

Surviving the Seattle Heat Wave

We have survived a Seattle heat wave! It was in the 90s for a few days - and before all you midwesterners scoff at me, remember that very few people have air conditioning. So when it's 95 outside, it's also 95 in your house! Baby Girl and I sat on the couch with at least 2 fans blowing on us at all times.

Saturday we decided to get out of the heat, so we went to Carkeek Park. The park is right on the edge of Elliot Bay so there was a wonderful, cool breeze blowing off the water. A friend sponsored an "ethnic cookout" - everybody brought food based on their ancestry. We decided to go with Dan's Texas roots and brought hamburgers and a big jug of sweet tea. Everyone's food was delicious - everything from curry to shepard's pie to octopus.

After we ate too much, we walked along the beach with Baby Girl. Although she was less than impressed (she slept through it), we enjoyed it. The water was ice cold, and felt wonderful to walk through. There were people swimming and kite surfing (despite how cold the water was), plus all the sailboats and ships. All in all a beautiful day (and much cooler than in our house!)

Sunday was slightly cooler, but still warm so we decided to start Baby Girl's cultural education. We spent most of the afternoon at the art museum enjoying the new Impressionism exhibit (and their air conditioning). Afterward we had a fabulous dinner at the Icon Grill.

My confidence level is growing in regards to taking our little one out of the house with each trip we take. It's amazingly difficult to haul a baby around - and only partially physical effort. Did we bring everything we need? What if she gets hungry? (We're still having breast feeding issues.) What if she's cranky and starts fussing? What if I can't calm her? What if a satellite looses orbit and falls out of the sky, landing directly on us? The things you worry about.

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