Monday, October 15, 2007

Beginning to Calm Down

We're down to the final house guest. Michael left Sunday afternoon, and his mom left today. I'd say it feels quiet, but dad and Dan are installing a new microwave in the kitchen and the drills are quite noisy.

Michael was a tremendous help to us here. He went so far above the call of friendship. Besides the drive here, he helped move and ultimately unpack all (ok - most) of the boxes. (There may be a few that still need to be unpacked). He also was a great emotional help in keeping things feeling "normal" for me. It was a great way to transition to a new life without feeling completely lost. He had fun too - I'm pretty sure he can find his way around Seattle much better than I can. He took my car out every day and went exploring and doing whatever struck his fancy.

On last Wednesday Michael's mom and my dad both arrived. Michael and his mom stayed in a hotel, then took the ferry to Victoria, Canada. They stayed at a B&B there and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Dad has been helping with more unpacking, and making the place work for me. You know - having hooks on the doors, hanging organizer racks, little things that make a house feel more functional. The big job tonight is installing the over-the-stove microwave Dan bought. Counter space is at premium, so this seemed like a good solution.

Dad heads home early tomorrow morning, so then things will hopefully calm down and I'll have 2 minutes to think and return phone calls and emails.

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