Thursday, October 18, 2007

Daily Life

Last night was the first night I cooked and we had a meal together, in our house, with no one else there. It was nice. We took the dogs for a walk in the rain before hand, and afterwards cleaned the house a bit then settled in to play with electronics.

I now have a desktop!! I don't have access to our house network yet, but Dan's working on it. I think I have successfully managed to turn on the TV as well as record and watch something on Tivo twice now, so I'm pretty sure I got that down.

The dogs are still a little cranky with each other - Otis and Turtle got into it again today. They'll figure it out eventually. The cats of course, adjusted just fine. Grayson owns the place, and Bailey adores Dan. I think Bailey loves the kitty play room Dan created for her. It's filled with electronics, blinking lights and warm places to sleep. :)

No rain today, or at least no rain in Seattle-speak, but it is really, really, REALLY windy.

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CaptainCanuck said...

This is long overdue, but welcome to Seattle and good luck to you both!!!

Keep posting... we're reading (I'm not reading _anything_ as frequently as the days of yore, but still here)