Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Busy Week in Review

Whew - it's been a busy week! Let's see....

Wednesday, January 31 - I took dad out for his birthday dinner - finally! It was almost Michael's birthday as well, so he came too. Two of our friends, Eric and Naomi joined us, as did Grandma and Aunt Jean. We went to a great Brazilian place. The food was amazing! They have a buffet with several traditional Brazilian dishes, plus fresh fruit, fresh veges and about 15 different kinds of cheese. The cheese was in huge blocks and you just carved a slice off. The buffet also included delicious, homemade flan - in your choice of chocolate or vanilla - or both! In addition to the buffet you could order chorusco (spelling??). That was traditionally prepared meat, as much as you want, served directly to your table. There was pork, chicken, lamb and several cuts of steaks. YUMMY! The guys called it "all you can meat." It was absolutely delish!!

Thursday, February 1 I hooked up cable to my bedroom. If I have to spend some time in bed, I might as well enjoy a few good movies!

Friday, February 2 - I went to Michael's and we watched movies and ate pizza. Basically hung out and let the dogs play. It was too cold to do anything else.

Saturday Michael and I went to Costco and Kmart - errand kinda stuff. He loves running errands in my car - plenty of room and good gas mileage. We had to get pet supplies and video tapes - Dad has discovered my cable and has me taping movies for him. :) Heaven forbid he watch one on the 1589 channels he has with dish. I also completed my taxes!! Yeah me!! Of course, I can't send them in because the form for my car credit hasn't been finalized by the IRS. Supposedly it will be done the 16th. Considering that's $2,600 by itself, I can wait another week.

I met back up with Michael Saturday night to celebrate our dear friend Traci's birthday. We went to a karaoke bar in the Central West End and had a great time. Any night with the gang is fun. Our infamous Canadian friend brought his "book of wisdom" again this year for all of us to contribute to. It's a large book of art paper and a box of markers. Everyone writes notes to the birthday girl. It's fun and the notes get very interesting as the night wears on.

Sunday was Michael's birthday, so I cooked him dinner and made an apple pie. We watched the Super Bowl (GO COLTS!!) Ok, we watched the commercials and the Puppy Bowl with a few minutes of football tossed in. I was sort of rooting for the Colts -they seemed like the underdog. Since I really didn't care one way or another, underdog seemed like a good team to root for.

Monday I can home to a very, very sick Turtle. She threw up all over my house. My sweet neighbor had cleaned up the gunky piles, but I spent the evening scrubbing the carpet by hand. Tonight I have to buy a new part for our carpet cleaner, and some cleaning solution, and shampoo all the carpet. This was NOT on the agenda of things to accomplish this week. Hopefully Turtle girl is feeling better.

I go into the hospital Thursday. In case you need a website to order flowers from, http://ww11.1800flowers.com/welcome.do or www.hallmark.com have some nice choices. :) (he he) ( Face it - how often do I get to blatantly beg for flowers?)

That's it for now - my next post won't be until post-surgery.

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