Thursday, February 22, 2007

Random Update

I'm starting to get the hang of this being at home thing. I got ambitious yesterday and actually was productive, unlike my fat cat who slept all day in the sun. I was on the computer for hours working on pictures, email, posting crap I want to get rid of, and I made four candles out of an old candle. I made four more candles today, too! I think I enjoy candle making. Christmas gifts anyone?

Last night I also got a surprise (and much needed) get well visit from a good friend who moved to Seattle last year. He flew into town on business and stopped by my house after leaving the airport. He is such a sweetie - for stopping by and for bringing me Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches and some ice pops! I love Skinny Cow!! Hopefully he'll have time to go to dinner while he's here. If not, I'll be going to Seattle to see him in a few weeks. I have to travel for business, so I'm planning on staying with him a few days after the business part of the trip is over. The company has to pay to fly me out there anyway, so I might as well take advantage of a free trip to see him.

I've begun the process of updating my house. I'm planning on installing laminate flooring in the dining room, repainting the kitchen and hallway, refinishing my kitchen cabinets, redoing the lighting and flooring in the bathroom and updating the bathroom with paint and new accessories. Nothing like taking on major projects all at once! I have purchased the underlayment for the flooring, and the accessories for the bathroom. I have to get the laminate flooring this weekend, and start thinking about destruction. I'm a little nervous because I had counted on Michael offering me some advice and guidance on this undertaking. But hey - I'm an intelligent woman, surely I can figure most of it out. God Bless the internet (and 'Chelle's mom)! My friend Chelle has a mom who flips houses. If she has time, she may be able to help me, if she doesn't she is willing to offer advice over the phone and let me come to her place to use any tools I may need.

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