Monday, September 6, 2010

Cousin Comes to Visit

My cousin (or some relation or another :) has come to visit! We have had a great time so far. She arrived Friday afternoon and we gave her the grand tour of Seattle. It started with the locks, a nice walk through Ballard to a great Puerto Rican restaurant, and ended with driving around the city showing her the area.

Saturday we enjoyed some tasty cinnamon rolls Dan made, then went down to the Market. We wandered all over, ending at a great little dress shop. She found the most adorable dress and matching shoes. What a great souvenir! She'll think of us every time she wears the outfit! (And she looks AMAZING in it.)

Sunday was a very, very early day. We were all up by 5:30am and out the door to catch the 9am ferry out of Anacortes. It's roughly a two hour drive there, and then an hour long ferry ride to the San Juan Islands. We were hoping to see some whales, since that is what they are known for, but we were not that lucky. We did see some beautiful scenery, learn more about the history of this area, and have a nice time. We caught the 7pm ferry back, and made it home by 10:30pm, absolutely exhausted.

Tonight is dinner (without Kendra) at Marrakesh...

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