Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Day of School

In what will be the first of many school days, Kendra began her scholastic career at King Street Cooperative Preschool. She will be going two days a week, for three hours at a time.

In case you aren't familiar with co-ops (I wasn't) it is staffed by two paid teachers, and every other worker is a parent volunteer. There are 4 parents who work each classroom shift, plus the teachers, for roughly 15 kids. There is one in the "home center" - a pretend house that is fully stocked with child sized stuff; one in the gym area; one in the art room - which is a beautiful glass enclosed atrium with lots of plants; and one in charge of snack.

The parents are also responsible for running the school - registration, collecting tuition, maintenance of the facility - everyone has a job. My job is historian. I'm in charge of collecting and scanning in the kids artwork for the yearbook, decorating the two classroom bulletin boards and ultimately creating the yearbook. I'm really excited about it. Here are my first bulletin boards. The board on the left is the art board for the kids. It will feature a rotating display of the various types of artwork the kids create. This week features the artwork created at the kids play date before school officially started. The other board is for the parents - information, discussions, etc.

Here's to the start of a fun year!

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Stef said...

How exciting! Sounds like a great place!