Monday, March 15, 2010

Two Years Today!

Today is our second wedding anniversary! Traditionally the gift is cotton, but I think we'll skip cotton and go with ceramic, a smattering of paint and some chrome. (Yes, we're still working on the bathroom.)

Thanks to a great neighbor who offered to babysit Kendra on Saturday night, we were able to go out to dinner at our favorite restaurant, then stop by a friends place for drinks afterwards. Turns out Saturday night was the annual "BrIdes of March" pub crawl. Several of Christine's friends turned up in wedding dresses (some their own, some bought for the occasion at thrift stores) before heading out to the crawl. I may have to think about going next year...

Since I was in MO and Dan in WA on our first anniversary, we broke out the top tier of our wedding cake last night. It was a bit dry, but still surprisingly good. Good enough we are planning on having more. We may even share with Kendra. :) Here's to many more anniversaries together.

The bathroom is closer to being done. We have the toilet installed and caulked, but realized today it rocks a bit. We'll have to add a shim and recaulk it. Dan is hopeful we'll get the cabinets fitted in today so we can cut holes in the back for the plumbing. Since no room is ever square, but the cabinets are - and measured to fit *exactly* - we are going to have to sand the drywall down in one corner to get everything mounted flush. We did sell my old desk and move the cabinets into the bathroom, so our living room looks a bit more normal.


Stef said...

Happy anniversary!!

CaptainCanuck said...

This is late, but Happy Anni! I can't believe how time flies!