Thursday, March 11, 2010

Anyone Know A Good Plumber?

We have been working on remodeling the upstairs bathroom for about a year now. Actually it's only been 2 weeks, but it feels like a year. We have repainted it all, and laid ceramic tile on the floor. Last nights goal was to get the toilet installed.

Try #1 resulted in water gushing out the bottom of the toilet all over the bathroom floor. Oops. Guess the wax ring didn't seal right. Dan and Kendra went to the hardware store to buy a new one and go for try #2.

Try #2 had no water leaking from the toilet. YAY! Dan did about a dozen test flushes just to be sure, and there was no water. We cleaned up the wet towels and sponges and headed downstairs...where we found our kitchen soaking wet. All the water from the toilet had flooded the ceiling of the kitchen and was dripping through the light fixtures. Good grief.

We grabbed more towels and cleaned it up, but laminate floor and water don't mix well. The floor in our kitchen now has numerous spots where it buckled a little from the wood absorbing the water. Good thing we were planning on remodeling it this fall.

Needless to say, we still don't have a toilet upstairs. Try #3 is scheduled for this weekend. (Dan flies out to Reno tonight for work, so tonight and tomorrow are shot.)

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