Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back to Reality...

We arrived home very late last night after a wonderful sun-soaked extended weekend.

Saturday we met my cousin for breakfast. It was the first time I had a chance to see her condo - it's beautiful! She has done amazing work in decorating the place to fit her personality. It's very trendy and stylish. She was also kind enough to pass on two all-park tickets to Disneyland. Yes, my husband went to Disney and the world didn't stop spinning on it's axis, pigs begin to fly or hell freeze over. I'm pretty sure he even had fun. :)

Disney was awesome! It really lived up to it's reputation of being clean, friendly and fun. Kendra was a little shell shocked at everything that was going on, and totally hated the costumed characters. She did, however, LOVE Goofy's House in ToonTown. It's designed for kids 2-5 and she had a ball there. We took her on a few rides as well, and we knew she was good to go when she started dancing to the music on the Roger Rabbit wild cab ride. We ended up spending most of the day there - much longer than I thought we would.

Sunday morning was spent at the Getty. It's an architectural wonder perched atop the ridgeline with spectacular view of LA all the way to the ocean. The Getty is designed to enhance visual arts in all their forms. Everything from the buildings, to the exhibits, to the gardens are works of art in one form or another. It was the most spectacular place - and we only had time to see a tiny fraction. The entire place is made out of travertine cut into precise squares. It really is amazingingly beautiful (although a bit slippy for baby feet...)

Sunday evening we were guests at the wedding of two wonderful people. Gary and Naomi were married in front of 240 guests at a beautiful Jewish temple. The ceremony was very moving and the reception was amazing. Kendra had a wonderful time dancing and being cute at her first "big girl" party. She was a hit among everyone there.

Monday we finished playing tourist by seeing the Hollywood sign, the walk of fame and driving around LA. We ended up in Venice Beach where we walked along the ocean and watched the sunset. Just to be silly (and use their bathrooms), we wandered the Costco in Venice Beach, then headed to the airport.

Today was laundry and getting life back on track. You knew there were pictures, so here they are!

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