Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Things We Have Learned

Being the parents of a toddler is an adventure unlike any other. We learn just as much from watching her as she learns from interacting with her environment. This week's lessons include:

1. Our child is fearless. We went to the Magic House in St. Louis (and had a blast!!) on Sunday. In one area there is a twisty slide about 15 feet tall. We were going to try to get Kendra to slide down it to see how she'd react, but she beat us to it. She slid down all by herself, giggling the whole way.

2. Kendra goes woof. Dan is thrilled - probably a little more than he should be :)

3. Kendra is capable of letting the dogs in the house, and herself out - without any help (or knowledge!!) from me.

4. Things go inside things. Specifically, a D cell battery clutched in the fist of a toddler fits very nicely into the cone of a brand-new-out-of-the-box-less-than-2-minutes sub woofer of dad's new surround sound system. And no, we couldn't get the battery back out.

5. Kendra is her own personal cheering squad. She has learned how to clap, and understands that clapping is a positive thing. Whenever we praise her, or she feels like she's done something good, she'll start clapping. It's really cute.

6. Turtle likes papaya. Don't ask.

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