Monday, October 26, 2009

A Day at the Beach

We've all been sick here - colds, bronchitis, ear infections (which was caused by her cutting a molar), but we're finally on the mend. Yesterday I was a little stir crazy from being cooped up for so long, so we loaded up dogs and headed out. Our first stop was the dog park in West Seattle. It was raining, but the dogs didn't seem to mind one bit. They had a ball.

Next stop was a coffee shop for some liquid warmth and a cinnamon roll. Since the Alki Bakery and Coffee shop is across the street from the Alki Beach, we wandered down the beach for a while while drinking our coffee. Alki (pronounced with a long i) is the oldest area of Seattle. It's where the Denny party (the first white settlers of the area) landed in 1851. It was originally called New York Alki, and has a small replica of the Stature of Liberty that stands on the beach in rememberance of the founding name of the area. There is also a time capsule that was buried next the statue this year. It is slated to be opened in 2059.

Kendra taste tested several rocks, but the one covered in seaweed cured her of that predilection. :) Her facial expression was priceless. She then decided that sand was much more appropriate, and proceeded to eat handfuls of the stuff everytime we took our eyes off her for even a second. Little stinker. In the picture she is handing me fistfulls of sand to hold. I'm not sure why, but she worked awfully hard at handing them to me!

(I just thought this was a great picture of Dan and wanted to share.) :)


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