Thursday, December 7, 2006

Powerless No More

Woohoo!! As of 3:00pm yesterday my power was FINALLY restored. I went home and turned on every light I own, cranked up the heat, did laundry and cleaned. Amazing how dirty the house got after just a week. Of course, I couldn't see the dirt in the dark so it didn't matter. :) I even cooked dinner. No more excuses to go to restaurants every night.

Welcome to 2006 where twice in five months I have been without power for six days. At least it happened at opposite ends of the spectrum - once in the heatwave of July and once in the fridgid cold of December. If you have to live in the dark ages it's nice to get the full spectrum. The people of 100 years ago have my undying respect.

Incredibly there are still 50,000 people without power today. Ameren is on the hot seat with the MO Public Works Commission. "Unprecedented" events don't happen twice in five months. Once is unprecedented, twice is unprepared.

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