Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's My Party

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday. I had no plans except to hang out and read. My friends thought that was scandelous. At their insistance we headed to a great restaurant in Chesterfield called Mimi's. The food and service was fabulous. Fried dill pickles, artichoke & sundried tomato dip for appetizers and chocolate chip pecan pie for dessert. I was so full after the appetizer (and I wanted dessert, darn it - it was my birthday!) that I didn't eat any of my entree. It's ok - I had 1/2 of it for lunch today. I had ordered a "French Quarter" burger - hamburger with swiss cheese, bacon and avocado. Hey - if you're going to blow your diet you might as well do it right!! I even had a "Hibiscus" to drink. It was champagne mixed with cranberry juice - very tasty.

Thank you to everyone who called on my birthday - it meant so much. Special thanks to Michelle, Eric, Rebecca and Michael for taking me to dinner. You guys are great.

Michael found a fun website You can look up your birthday and see who you share it with. Some of my fellow 12/12ers are Edvard Munch, Connie Frances, Frank Sinatra, and Bob Barker. It was fun to see all the different people who share birthdays.

Michael even brought me a gift. I was very surprised by this since we rarely talk anymore. He gave me a Dutch oven cookbook, a car adaptor for my iPod, and a gun cleaning kit. At least I won't have to worry about anyone calling me normal - h0w many women get gun cleaning kits for their birthday? (I actually wanted it - I'm getting my gun permit for MO) He also threw in some birthday treats for my furbabies.

Have some birthday cake and celebrate with me!

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