Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a very joyous holiday spent with the people whom they love and mean the most to them. I know I did!

Christmas Eve dad and Michael came over for a wonderful dinner of nibbles, some movies and gifts. All four dogs (Turtle, Mickey, Ginger and CeCe), two cats, and a partridge in a pear tree were there. It got a little crazy at times. Santa brought each dog a bone for Christmas though, so that helped keep them occupied. The humans kept occupied by watching Over the Hedge and Jet Li's Fearless. I think we all enjoyed Over the Hedge more. Our nibbles were different varieties of nuts, cavier, candy, champagne soaked mushrooms, almond stuffed olives direct from Spain, Italian bread with bruschetta, Michael's wonderful homemade biscuits with blackberry jelly, and croissants stuffed with chive cream cheese and bacon. We don't do traditional dinner - we like to nibble. Turtle discovered she liked Italian spiced bread. Every time we turned our back she would steal a piece from the table. Stinker dog.

I gave dad a new Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse, and 12 mini-pies. He loves my pies so I bake them, freeze them and vacuum seal them so he has a pie a month for the next year. Michael gave him some Knob Creek whiskey and is going to help install the keyboard and mouse. :) Despite my admonitions that we were not exchanging gifts, Michael brought me a hand crank radio/flashlight. There were two in the package, and dad and I were each took one. Michael seemed to think they would come in handy for us. Can't imagine why. Michael also brought Turtle three squeaky toys since he knows how much I LOVE hearing squeaky toys at all hours of the night. My main gift from everyone this year was my camera, but dad still brought me a few cool things. More tools, a wireless weather station, some appetizer forks, knives and picks, a pretty necklace and a wet mess cleaner-upper (aka something to pick up kitty hairballs and doggie grass goo). Unfortunately I've already had to use that.

We headed to grandma's for Christmas Day for our usual feast at her house, then opened gifts. I brought the dogs, much to Cousin Kristen's dismay, but they were very well behaved. They had their beds and bones to keep them busy. Mickey's always good, and once Turtle realized I wasn't going to leave her there she was fine too. They slept most of the day, lazy bums.
My main job was apparently camera mistress. My Great-Uncle Jiggs had gotten a camera very similar to mine and was still struggling to learn to use it. Aunt Jean has had hers about a year but doesn't use it very often, so she forgot a lot of the stuff I had taught her before. Luckily we all have Canons, so they are very similar in operation. For a while I was running back and forth between them as I heard "Karen, how do I..." from both sides of the room.

Since my camera was my gift, I didn't have much to open - which was perfect. Everything I did get I really liked. I even got a really nice table-top tripod for the camera from Cousin Kristen (after a strongly worded hint from me to her mother). We had a nice time visiting and catching up. One of Kristen's friends from LA was in as well, and stopped by to say hello. She is the #1 DJ in LA, and I can see why. She didn't stop talking long enough to take a breath the entire 30 minutes she was there! However, she was funny and very interesting to listen to, so I can see why she is so good at her job. I'd like to hear her on the air sometime.

Well, enough about me - how was your holiday? Drop me a line and let me know. In the meantime, check out my Kodak Gallery link for pictures...


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