Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Another crazy busy weekend here.  Saturday we helped a friend move into a new house in the morning.  Actually, we provided the comedic entertainment courtesy of the kids and made the lunch run.  Otherwise I suspect we were there for emotional support more than muscle.

Saturday night was the annual preschool auction, which is the main fundraiser for the school.  It was a crazy, loud, boisterous, fun time.  The kids had a ball running around, and dancing to Recess Monkey.  The parents do most of the work, including providing desserts.  I made some (if I do say so myself) fabulous vanilla cupcakes and decorated them to look like flowers.  I almost caused a riot as people fought over who got the cupcakes.  They were a total hit.  Those not lucky enough to snag a cupcake had a pretty awesome consolation prize in Dan's amazing Fluffy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies.

We spent too much money, but got some great deals.  I got Darian a cute "chubby" remote control car designed for babies for his first birthday present (I can't believe I'm already thinking of that!!).  Kendra got an adorable raincoat decorated with ballet stuff, and 12 weeks of ballet lessons at a nearby dance studio.  Dan and I scooped up a couple of local restaurant gift certificates. 

Today was church, then doing some householdy stuff.  I finished our taxes and did some cleaning, including shampooing all the carpets in the house.  My carpets are clean, but the house now smells vaguely of wet dog.

Dan has been at work most of the day, and will hopefully be home before morning...but no guarantees.  They are working on some big, huge, massive project/deployment of something or another.  He says the next few weeks will be brutal for him.  Guess it's a good thing the kids and I are headed to dad's. 

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