Friday, March 2, 2012

Problems I Don't Want to Explain

Kendra has a classmate at school this year who has been...challenging.  The parents are very lackadaisical in their parenting and communication of any issues that might be going on.  Today the child was sent to school, again, with no lunch.  What 4 year old can go from 10 - 2 with no lunch?  The school serves snack, but even with that most of the kids are starved by the time they leave.

We scrounged some food for this child, but when Kendra went to share some of the crackers we set out, I had to tell her no.  Since our preschool, and our home, are big on sharing I was put in the position of explaining why she couldn't share this time.  How some kids don't have enough food and some mommies aren't as good at being a mommy as others. No one is a perfect mommy; we just do our best and this mommy was struggling.

Mom has a new baby at home, but even before that she seemed overwhelmed and...disinterested.  I almost wonder if she truly dislikes her child.  :(  My heart breaks for this little one.

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