Monday, November 28, 2011

Space Needle Lunch

Today dawned sunny and clear, so I decided it was the perfect day for a special treat - lunch at the top of the Space Needle!  I asked Kendra if she wanted it just us or would she like a friend to go as well.  She wanted her friend Ian to go, so I called his mom and off we all went. 

It started off a bit rocky as Kendra lost her shoe in a giant sploosh of mud, but it was found after a bit of searching (and almost loosing my own shoes!).  A run through the washer and they are good as new.  Kendra was so excited about being there with Ian she didn't even mind the fact that her socks were too soaked to wear.

The kids had a ball and the view was spectacular.  I enjoyed having lunch with Jana and getting to know her better.  What a great day.


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