Thursday, January 20, 2011

St. Louis Wrap Up

We spent last week in St. Louis, enjoying a belated Christmas celebration with the folks there. It was freezing cold, and we got to see a bit of snow, but it was wonderful to see everyone. My family spoiled Kendra rotten with gifts. She had so much fun opening them. She was kind enough to open most of mine as well. She knows that Kendra starts with "K," so naturally, any present with a tag starting with K was hers. I had a hard time figuring out who the presents came from as my darling daughter enthusiastically shredded paper. Being my little OCD girl, she also picked up all the paper and threw it away. It was really cute.

We celebrated my dad's 64th birthday with Dan's famous homemade pizza and some of my (with Alton Brown's help) famous apple pie. Dad really enjoyed having us there. Kendra was happy to make sure all his presents were correctly opened. :)

Seeing all our friends again was fabulous. It was amazing to see how everyone's babies have grown into full fledged toddlers. Their personalities are really coming through, and they are so much fun to play with/watch/listen to. Of course, now we are starting with round two. One friend even had her baby while we were there!

Tomorrow is our big ultrasound - the halfway point! So far, so good. This baby is riding really high, so I look more pregnant now than I did the day I gave birth to Kendra. I also get really winded because my lungs are compressed, and can't eat much at any given time because my stomach is small too.

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