Monday, January 17, 2011

18 Weeks

And all is well! This little bugger is riding very, very high. S/he's compressing my lungs and stomach something fierce, but is no where near my bladder. It's a nice change, actually :) My blood pressure is perfect, and has remained stable for every check I've had - which is really great news. There was some protein showing today, so I have to run back in on Friday for another check. It could be a bladder infection or a fluke reading. Since high protein is symptomatic of pre-eclampsia it will bear watching, but is of no real concern at this point.

In Kendra news, we have been working on potty training. She did it perfectly this weekend. Not a single accident and really seemed to "get" the whole idea. Until last night. We think she was a bit stuffy in the intestines, and kept saying it hurt. I suspect it scared her and today she wanted NOTHING to do with the potty. We had nothing but accidents :(

I ran to Goodwill and bought half a dozen dresses for her hoping the problem was pants and the up/down issue, but it didn't seem to help. I just now convinced her to try again, and it was met with success. Maybe this will be another breakthrough. (I'm bribing her with M&Ms). In the meantime I've had to scrub the floors, several times, and steam clean the couch.

This growing up thing is rough.

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