Sunday, October 3, 2010

So Close...

Today was not quite as nice outside, but we still managed to go "play in dirt," as Kendra would say.

We are so close to being done! These pics are from this morning, before we got started. By the time we finished for today it was too dark to take new ones. (I hate it getting dark so early!!)

As of quitting time today, all the wooden sections were done, and about half the wire mesh sections were done. The gate on the far left was built and installed, and Dan started the gate on the right side.

The top picture shows how we've been working. A long extension cord and power strip hooks up the chop saw and table saw. There's a portable air compressor that runs the air nailer and staple gun. Kendra keeps busy by collecting rocks and acorns in her yellow bucket, and has created some lovely chalk artwork on the steps next to the pile of wood. (We also have quite a pile of scrap wood at the moment. S'mores anyone?)

This is the other end of the fence - where we ran out of old wood. I actually like the way the old wood looks. It has character. :)

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