Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Busy Weekend, As Usual

We had a very busy, but very fun weekend. Friday night we enjoyed the fabulous weather and took the dogs to the dog park. Kendra tried walking Turtle for the first time, and it went remarkably well. Of course, the dog was dead tired from playing but that was part of the plan.

Saturday we took Kendra to Gymboree, which is always fun because the parents stand around and socialize. We drug the dogs with us, and after class took them to Sand Point dog park. It's a fairly decent sized park, and ends at Lake Washington so the dogs can go swimming. Surprisingly, both dogs got in and swam around for a while. It wasn't very hot outside but I'm sure the cold water felt good.

Saturday I met a girlfriend for movie, and Dan took Kendra to the Torchlight Parade. The parade was so long, I met up with them afterwards and watched a bit of it myself. Kendra loved the marching bands and the dancers; she was not impressed with the giant animal shaped balloons.

Sunday we went down to Pike's Place Market to buy some fresh, wild-caught salmon. We wandered downtown a bit, then Kendra and I headed to the park for a playdate. By Sunday night we were all exhausted.

Monday we started our new session of swimming lessons, and this time slot seems much more feasible than the previous one. There was hardly any traffic to deal with, and we were home at a much more reasonable hour.

Today Kendra is helping make home made vanilla wafers (courtesy of Alton Brown's inspiration). We are having a mini-baby shower for one of the ladies in our toddler group this afternoon. Everyone is bringing a casserole for her to freeze, and something to share with the group. We're meeting in a local park so the kids can play. It should be fun!

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