Monday, June 28, 2010

Two Already?

This weekend we celebrated Kendra's second birthday with a puppy themed party! (Click here for more pictures...)

We had puppy balloons, paw print napkins, homemade "puppy chow" served in a doggie dish, sweet tart candies shaped liked bones - even a cake shaped like a dog dish filled with kibble. Dan grilled up some yummy ribs to satisfy the carnivore side of the festivities. We had some great friends come to celebrate with us, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

The weather was -finally- beautiful and we spent the day outside. Believe it or not, all the pallets of bricks are gone. We were able to put some chairs and a table in that area for seating, put the food under the canopy and grill where we park my car. A cooler full of beverages and it was a perfect day.

About those bricks - you read correctly. After 3 years, all 8 pallets of bricks are in place along the Great Wall of Dan. We still have a ton (and that's quite literal) of dirt to dig up and move, but we have made some remarkable progress this year! I am so proud of my fantastic hubby for working so hard to make us a usable yard.

Kendra is able to go outside with us, which makes it easier. She raids the strawberry patch for fresh berries as we work. Today I brought a little iPod radio thing outside and she entertained us by dancing along to the music. It was really, really cute.

I can't believe that just two short years ago I was in the hospital wondering how long I would be able to stay pregnant, and if my baby would be ok being born so early (remember - we didn't know if she was a boy or girl!). Amazing what a change a very short 730 days can bring.

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