Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Official Kendra Translation Guide

Some toddlers start speaking very clearly right off the bat...ours not so much. She's getting there, but we have issues with different combination of sounds.

Here is your official Kendra translation guide:

Cuck - stuck. A good catch all word for anything that isn't moving exactly as she wants it to.

Eyes - can mean eyes, but when stairs are involved and small hand outstretched as she says "eyes, eyes" it mean hands.

Keekee - Mickey. Turtle is Turtle with a slight Bostonian accent, and Bailey is just "Cat."

Biper - diaper. Most frequently heard preceded by "ucky."

Baby - anyone under the age of 10.

Ahnu - airplanes. I have no idea where ahnu came from.

Beep - Jeep, as in "daddy's beep"

Wabber - water

Ta too - thank you

Peas - please

Foffee - coffee. (And heaven help us all if the girl doesn't get her morning cuppa)

Imins - vitamins. She loves them because they are gummy vitamins. She'll try to con all of us into giving her vitamins. We've had to start putting a serving out in the morning, and when they are gone no one gives her anymore. She'd eat the whole bottle!

Fuffs - Pirates Booty Cheesy Puffs. Frequently heard when she doesn't like what is being offered for dinner.

Mine - something that belongs to daddy or mama. "Mine's shirt"

Yous - something that belongs to Kendra, or Kendra herself. When pointing to a picture of our family, "Mama, daddy and yous." (How does she understand the concept of possessiveness, and yet manage to mangle the words themselves so badly?)

She's getting very good at expressing herself using language, but you do have to use your toddler speak filter. There are many times we simply have no idea what she is saying. She is quite adamant about saying it though, and will become frustrated when we don't get it.

It's tough to be 2.

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