Friday, May 29, 2009

More Teeth!

Kendra has a new tooth (finally!) coming in. It's one of the ones on the top, but I'm not sure which one. She's a little touchy about anyone coming too close to her mouth right now.

She continues to amaze us with how quickly she can move to find trouble. She practices climbing the stairs at every chance. Heaven help us if we forget to close the baby gate, because she's the first to notice. She seems to have (mostly) given up munching on dog food, but has discovered that Peace Lilies are an acceptable substitute. More often than not I find her with dirt encrusted fingers, tell-tale streaks on her face, and a big innocent smile.

We've completed our baptism preparation class, and will be having her baptized at the 11:00am mass on Sunday. We'll be (hopefully) videotaping it, and will definitely have some pictures taken. Kai has agreed to stand in as "pseudo" godparent since Annie and Ran can't make the trip. Some other friends of ours are coming to take pictures and run the video camera. I'm excited about it.

Our garden has the first fruits of our labor ready for harvesting! We planted broccoli raab and it's ready to eat! (If you don't know what it is, don't feel bad - we had to look it up too!) Broccoli raab, or rapini, is a vague relative of broccoli, but is much closer to turnip or mustard greens. I have no idea what we're going to do with it all...anyone know any good recipes?

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