Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cincinnati Update

It's been our normal craziness here. My trip to Cincinnati was wonderful. It felt great to be Karen again, as opposed to Kendra's mom and Dan's wife. I love both those titles, but sometimes it's nice to be recognized as me.

I met my new co-workers and my new boss. I really liked them all, and am looking forward to a return trip in early June. Now I'm trying to figure out how to work an 8 hour day while still taking care of an increasingly active child.

Dan and Kendra fared extremely well together. In fact, I think they had a ball. It also gave Dan a very keen look into what my days are like. He said it's extremely do-able to work and take care of Kendra. Try to add in taking care of the house, cooking dinner, running errands, and you need a 30 hour day to get it all done. Dan has always been very respectful and understanding of the demands and stressors I face, and I try to be of his. I think we do pretty well.

Kendra is doing fabulously. She has picked up crawling, and manages to get into more trouble than I would have ever thought. Our current argument is whether or not dog food is an acceptable snack for babies. She seems to think it's the greatest treat ever, but we're not as thrilled. She has discovered the toilets are fun to splash in, dishwashers make the greatest toys because they are full of fun things and they slide in and out, the fridge has multiple shelves that are perfect for climbing, and the screen door leads outside to a whole new world.

We have also finally signed up for her baptism. We start preparation class tomorrow, and she will be baptized on May 31. My best friend, Annie, will be her godmother and Ran has agreed to be her godfather.

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