Thursday, January 15, 2009

Very Quick Update

Kendra and I are back in Seattle. Dad is settling into life in a condo, although not happily. He has email again, so feel free to send him some jokes, well wishes, whatever. Many people have asked about plans, needs, etc. Here's what I know:

1. We have no idea about future living plans, and are deferring any discussion until March (per dad's request)

2. He is pretty set for winter clothing, including coats. (Jean and I bought out Kohl's!) If you would like to send something, his sizes are pants: 38x30, shirt: XL, shoes: 9 1/2 wide. Gift cards are appreciated so he can get what he wants when he is ready.

3. The insurance is being very good so far. They've cut him a check for living expenses, and are paying for the condo he's in for one year.

For some good news...Little Girl had her 6month check up yesterday. She weighed in at a whopping 14lbs, 4 oz. That puts her squarely in the 10-25 percentile. Her head, however, is still solidly in the 75 percentile. My poor big headed baby. :)

She is eating solid foods (if runny rice cereal and liquefied veges are solids) and loving every bite. So far her favorite is carrots, although she's had green beans, squash and jalapeno beef jerky. (the jerky was dad's contribution - she just gummed it.)

Her muscle control is growing. She can now roll over from front to back, and as of yesterday, from back to front. She is so proud of her new skill - she does it quite frequently. She's not quite sitting up, but she's pretty close.

More regular posts to follow...

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