Monday, January 19, 2009

Picture Time

Kendra has continued her foray into the world of food. I tried my hand at making baby food last night. It's surprisingly easy, and so much tastier than the store bought. I cooked up a batch of carrots, sweet potatoes and pears. After cooking and blending I poured the puree in ice cube trays and froze. After it froze solid I dumped the perfectly sized, individual servings into zippy bags for future use.

The pears were something new, and she LOVED them. We also gave her some Cheerios, but she's mostly confused by them. They glue themselves to her and she has no idea how to get them off. Dan put one in her mouth and her look was priceless. Utter confusion mixed with complete distaste.

She does seem to enjoy hanging out with us at the table in her high chair. Thanks to Bryan and Cheryl for this great gift!

Here is Dan feeding her some green beans. She prefers sweeter foods (go figure! She does have a bit of me in her after all.)

As you can imagine, we took tons of pictures over the holidays. I've broken them into various albums, so click away and enjoy!

For cute pictures of Kendra, click here.

For pictures of our first Christmas as a family of three, click here.

For pictures of Kendra meeting her great-grandma, Great Aunt Marilyn, Great Aunt Jean & cousin Kristen, and her Grandpa Richard for the first time, click here.

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Anonymous said...

Great pics Karen. Everyone looks so happy!