Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Holidays Begin

We spent a wonderful Thanksgiving at Kai and Christine's place with some great people. Everyone brought a dish to share and the variety of deliciousness was amazing. We played a few games of Uno, Speed Scrabble and of course, Wii. Kendra was the hit of the party, being passed from person to person as she shared the cuteness. :) It was a very enjoyable way to spend the day.

We did a bit of shopping on Friday, but nothing crazy early like my normal way. We did end up buying Kendra's Christmas gift, and put it together. We figured she doesn't know the difference if we give it to her a few weeks early, and she'll be able to use it longer. The exersaucer will help her build muscle by forcing her to balance in the seat. The light-up-grabby-jingly-musical things will help stimulate those brain pathways while guaranteeing to drive her parents batty. She adores it already.

On Saturday we decorated the house. Christmas music playing in the background all day (we have about 500 different Christmas songs) slowly drove Dan ever closer to the six pack of IPA. We got the tree up, candles happily flickering all over and lights outside winking a cheerful hello. Kendra was even less impressed than Dan. I swear, I'm in a house full of grinches. Good thing I have enough Christmas cheer to wear them down!

(The Pinkard website has also been updated with a new PDF scrapbook page.)

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