Thursday, September 11, 2008

Of What Do Babies Dream?

From the time Kendra was born, her face is most active in her sleep. Smiles, frowns, a wrinkled brow - they all cross her face as she sleeps. Is she dreaming? What does she dream about? Her experiences are fairly limited, after all. Or are they simply muscle twitches?

Either way, it's adorable.

We had a quick doctor visit yesterday. She is fine but we were worried about how much she was spitting up. But, she's gaining weight - up to 9 pounds, 2 oz - so the doctor isn't worried. Apparently, despite all appearances to the contrary, she is keeping more in than she spews back out. Dan just keeps reminding her that food goes in the baby, not on the baby.

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RM said...

That was a pretty adorable photo yesterday. I really enjoyed it!