Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It Finally Happened

On Sunday Dan (accidentally) called our daughter Otis. :) We all knew it was bound to happen. In his defense, he was tired. We spent Saturday and Sunday painting the exterior of our house - 2 1/2 times. Why 2 1/2? Part of the house was severely weathered and needed to be sealed first. So we bought some seriously discounted paint from HD - it was a mistint but worked perfect for what we needed. We painted two whole sides of the house with that to seal it.

Next we painted the whole house with the color we had picked out - and hated it. By the next morning we realized we had made a mistake and the color was just not right. So we mixed a few colors together and re-did the whole thing. It's still a bit brighter than we might have originally envisioned, but we both like it well enough. We still have a bit more to do - namely the upper story windows. Neither of us is thrilled about climbing a ladder 30 feet up to paint.

Thank you so much Kai for helping us paint and take care of little one. Kendra was remarkably well behaved, even when we accidentally left her sleeping in the sun. We had her in the house, but as the sun set it came flooding in the screen door, right onto her as she slept all warm and comfy. She now looks a little more like her mama - freckles lightly sprinkled across her cheeks.

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