Thursday, January 31, 2008

Quick Update

Nothing remarkably new on Marilyn. THey brought in a lung specialist to see if she is ready to be taken off the ventilator. But she is still unresponsive.

In other news...Dan and I made our first baby purchase. We found a very cute (and reasonably priced) crib on craigslist. It's just a plain wooden crib, but I really like it. It did not come with a mattress, so we'll still have to get that. I keep searching craigslist for more great baby finds. :)

I have also bought my first maternity clothes. I found a few pants on eBay, some tops on clearance at Old Navy, and a pair of jeans at Goodwill. I also bought 3 belly bands so I can wear my jeans a little longer. Hopefully that will be all the maternity clothes I'll need to get through - except a couple of pairs of shorts and a nightgown/robe for the hospital.

When I was at Goodwill I couldn't resist and ended up walking through the baby section and bought a 3month pale blue baby sleeper, and some 12 month denim coveralls. They were so cute, and for $1 a piece I figured I couldn't go too wrong. And no - we still don't know the sex of the baby. I just got blue because it was cute.

Until later...

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