Friday, January 11, 2008

August 14

That is d-day for Baby Peanut arrival. I had my first OB visit on Wednesday, and everything is progressing great! (It was also Dan's first ever OB visit - which is another tale unto itself!) I am officially 9 weeks along.

At your first appointment they go over everything with you - we were there for almost three hours. We met with a nurse to go over my genetic and social history, then Dan's. The various tests (chromosomal abnormalities, cystic fibrosis, etc) were explained to us, and the time frames we have to decide if we want these tests. You also have a standard pelvic exam - quite the eye opening experience for most men!

We met with my doctor and went over the birthing practices of the clinic (which we really liked), and discussed any questions or concerns we had. Dr. Pray also went over some concerns she has - namely my high blood pressure and a bicornuate uterus. I have to undergo more careful monitoring than a low risk pregnancy, but with luck everything should go as planned. The biggest risk we face is a pre-term baby.

Dr. Pray told me no more salt to try to lower my BP - so Dan has turned into the salt nazi. :) I do adore that man. They didn't do the standard blood draw at my appointment because I need an additional test first. I'll have that done next week, then get the blood work done.

The highlight of the visit was the ultrasound. We actually got to see our baby for the first time. It was the single most amazing thing I have ever seen. This perfect little person with a head, two arms, two tiny legs, and a heart that was beating. I laughed at one point and Peanut threw out his/her arms and wiggled around. We have a picture, but it's really hard to see anything. It is so much clearer when you are watching the video feed of the baby moving.

Peanut's sex won't be clear for another few months, but we really don't want to know. Of course, with all the extra monitoring I have to undergo, there is a good chance we'll find out by accident.

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