Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Trip - Monday and Home

We woke up Monday morning to find fog had engulfed the entire region. We couldn't see more than a few feet from the balcony - it was crazy! After a hearty breakfast from Holly, though, we packed up and hit the road.

First stop - Golden Gate Bridge. It was still relatively early, and a Monday, so there were nearly the crowds we saw on the weekend. We walked across and back - a little over 2 miles. Very worth it though. The views were constantly changing because of the shifting fog. One moment everything would be grey. Suddenly a gust of wind would blow through, clear it out and blue skies would appear. Then the fog would creep in, spreading its tendrils out as it sought refuge in the crevasses and rocks of the bay. I really enjoyed the walk.

Our next stop was more of an accident. I wanted to go sit on the beach for a while, but en route to the one Dan had found we stumbled upon a different one. There were some surfers in the water, but otherwise it was fairly deserted. We sat and watched the waves for a while, then strolled down the beach until we couldn't go any farther. I got some amazing pictures there, as the rocks were perfect for photographing. The water was ice cold, but it felt wonderful to walk in. After a few hours of wandering, the sun was coming out and the beach getting more crowded with dogs, kids and families enjoying a picnic. We decided it was time to move on.

A brief stop at Safeway for some Aloe, and some ice cream at a local place called Woody's, and we were back on the road.

We drove over the Oakland Bridge, through the Berkley area then back across the Bay Bridge and headed south. We found the hotel and checked in, then went in search of dinner. I had been craving raw oysters, so dinner was at a great seafood place called The Fish Market. Oysters, clam chowder, a salad, and skewered swordfish, scallops and shrimp lightly grilled. It was divine.

Dan then took me on a tour of Silicon Valley. We saw every major name in the computer world- including Google and Yahoo. It was an amazing sight. We had a nightcap margarita at a nice little Mexican place, then headed back to the hotel. Dan's flight out was at 6am, so he had an early morning. My flight didn't leave until almost 11am, so I slept in and took the hotel shuttle to the airport. I was home by 7:30pm.

All in all a very nice trip. I'm already looking forward to our next one.

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