Monday, August 13, 2007

Not Much Going On

Still no movement on the house. In fact, Dan and I are discussing (at the recommendation of the realtor) dropping the price a few thousand. We'll see.

There's really nothing else exciting going on, or even unexciting. I went to a bridal shower Saturday, then to a movie with some girlfriends. We saw Stardust, and it was excellent. It's essentially a love story, but has a nice sci-fi/old English twist. Sunday Michael and I went to see Nancy Drew. It was really cute too. And since it's been between 95 and 100 degrees every day for the past two weeks, a cold theatre was a perfect way to spend a few hours.

In Dan News, he turned down the job he was offered. It was not an easy decision, and he's still not sure it's the right one, but he's opted to stay where he is for now. His current employer offered him some nice things to get him to stay, including managing a couple of underlings, additional pay, and more authority in the business. Add that to the incredibly flexible work hours he already has, and the extra vacation he gets and his current job morphed into something he really wanted to stay with. Both companies offer him wonderful potential, but in very different ways. We'll re-evaluate in a year or two to see how things are going. Who knows - maybe we'll take that position at Google in Sydney. :)

I honestly can't think of much more. Dan and I head to San Francisco for a long weekend on Friday. I'm sure I'll have more stories then - I've never been to San Fran.

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CaptainCanuck said...

thanks for the update... good luck with the house

re: San Fran. woo-hoo! it is a truly world class city... i love it there. the vibe is fantastic