Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Showings Begin

I had my first official showing yesterday! Today there is another showing scheduled at 11am, and an open house this afternoon. Please pray that the right person comes through and makes an offer.

Unless you've been living under a rock in a small cave located somewhere on Jupiter, you know that the 7th and final Harry Potter book came out Friday. I decided to join the throngs of goofballs who stood in line to get the book, and was rewarded by being the 24th person at St. Louis Barnes & Nobles to get my book! I was out the door by 12:03am and ensconced in bed reading by 12:30am. I read until my eyes were ready to fall out, then finished it yesterday afternoon.

(No spoilers, so don't worry) She did a great job with the book. She hit the ground running and never stopped! There were twists and turns and a lot of things explained. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Last night I did get out and have some fun. I met the gang at Dewey's Pizza to celebrate a great woman's birthday. The pizza was the best I had ever eaten, and the company even better. Afterwards we ended up at Traci's to test the next installment in the Cupcake Project. These were chocolate cupcakes with a crushed pretzel crust and topping. They were heavenly. Good job Stef! I've been extremely impressed with how beautiful and unique she's been able to make each cupcake. (The link to her blog is at the bottom, I highly recommend you check it out).

Nights like last night make me not want to leave St. Louis. I can't imagine ever finding such a wonderful group of friends anywhere else. I'm going to miss them so much. But my thanks to Capt. Jack for trying to reassure me. You are a sweetheart.

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CaptainCanuck said...

No worries, m'dear! Like I said, the current group is fantastic but a whole new group will form out there, with its own sense of wonder

You have the type of personality to draw people in... you'll be great!

Capt Jack