Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Does It Happen To All Kids?

It seems Kendra draws people in...and gets them to give her things.  I'm not sure if she's just cute, or has some sort of weird mind-control thing going on, but more often than not when we go out, someone gives that kid a gift.  When we go to the grocery store she gets balloons, flowers, candy, and Popsicles.   Sometimes from the workers, sometimes from random people shopping.

We went trick or treating and she ended up with a big stuffed dolphin.

Dan took her somewhere that was giving away cheap little stuffed animals.  The lady gave Kendra one, then also gave her an actual pillow pet! 

Today we delivered food for the food bank.  One of the ladies in the building gave Kendra an adorable hat, purse, bracelet and shoes set.  And two DVDs.  And two sets of board books for Darian.  And 10 small cans of Playdoh.

So is it mind control?  Or is she really just that cute?

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