Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Two Months Already

If you can believe it, Darian is two months old already. Yesterday was his check-up and the beginning of his inoculations. He weighed in at a whopping 12 pounds and was 24" long. That put him squarely in the 50-75% percentile across the board. (Kendra was 8lbs, 11oz and 21" at 2 months). I knew he was heavier than I remembered her being!

After screaming bloody murder at the doctor's office, he absolutely refused to let me put him down. I ended up spending the entire night holding him to keep him calm. Today, he seems fine. I got lots of smiles this morning and even a few coos. I love the smiles!

Today we went to the park, and had a great lunch courtesy of Katie. She made a great picnic lunch for all of us. The kids ran around and played, eventually ending up in the water feature. I hadn't brought Kendra's swimsuit because I didn't care if her clothes got wet. She however, had another idea. I looked up to see a trail of clothes leading to the spray feature, and my kid buck naked running through the water. Oh well.

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