Friday, February 11, 2011

Driveway Wins Again

Kendra helped Dan take the garbage out last night, and decided to race Turtle back to the house. Unfortunately, she tripped and slid face first down the driveway. She looks awful, to say the least.

Her nose is possibly broken based on the bruising and swelling; she has a very colorful and large bump on her forehead; she bit almost through her bottom lip, and has some nasty scrapes and cuts on her nose, chin and upper lip.

After cleaning up quite a bit of blood, dosing her with Advil and giving her lots of cuddles, she seemed remarkably ok. Today I bought her some ice pops to suck on, and those, along with some additional Advil, has gone a long way to making her feeling fairly normal. Even her scrapes looked better tonight.

I did call the doctor out of concern for her nose, but like adults, there is nothing to be done for toddler broken noses. I have an appointment with a pediatric dentist next week to have her teeth cleaned, and make sure there is no damage to her teeth or jaw.

Ah the life of a toddler...and her parents!

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