Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Dan!

Today was Dan's 35th birthday. For the next month we are the same age! So listen up buddy - no old jokes for the next 30-odd days, got it?

We celebrated his birthday Saturday with steaks, friends and pumpkin cheesecake. It was low key, enjoyable and fun. Today and most of tonight he has to work, so Kendra and I met him for a quick bite at a greasy spoon and gave him hugs and his gift. Our waffle iron broke a few months back, and he missed it terribly. I gave him a new and improved model that he is already planning on using tomorrow.

In other news, our poor Turtle developed a hematoma on her ear over the weekend. She had surgery today to remove it, and is now home and looking perfectly miserable. She will have to wear a cone for 2 weeks until the stitches are removed. She's also on pain meds and antibiotics for a while, plus some additional meds to treat the underlying ear infection that caused all this.

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