Friday, July 16, 2010

Pearl Knotting

So my pearl knotting class ROCKED! I really enjoyed it, and ended up with (what I think) is a pretty cool necklace. I had no idea that pearl knotting is a technique that could be transferred to so many different areas of jewelry making!

I have signed up for an open studio session at the place I'm taking the classes. That means I get expert help from the staff, fun women to sit and bead with, and the use of all their awesome tools (which means I don't have to buy them!!) I'm really enjoying this!

In other news, I apparently have bursitis in my hip. It's what has been causing me pain for the past year or so. I'm on heavy doses of steroids to help reduce the inflammation, and if that doesn't work I'll need an MRI to map the problem and a cortisone injection directly into the hip. Ouch. Here's hoping the steroids work!

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