Friday, August 21, 2009

Rarely A Dull Moment

Living where we do is often an adventure. Across the street from us is a park, and we have seen some strange stuff in that park. Most is harmless, and it gives us a good laugh.

Today as I looked out our upstairs window, I saw some guy in a truck emptying all his trash down the hillside of the park. I grabbed my camera and headed outside to take pictures of what I could, and maybe get a plate number. I struck out on the plates (he had none) but I did video the entire thing, and got a pretty good shot of the guy's face.

Interestingly, this same truck was parked across from our house last weekend - the same day as my car was broken into.

I called the cops, and they came by a few minutes ago. I had burned a DVD of the pictures and video, and handed it off to them to deal with. I doubt they'll find the guy, but if they get lucky maybe what I provided them will help convict him.

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